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Depression Counseling

Not sleeping well. Having trouble getting out of bed and finding the motivation to go about your day. Crying spells, finding yourself feeling irritated often, or getting angry and then feeling guilty afterwards- all of these things might be indications that you could be suffering from clinical depression.

​Depression is one of the most common mental health conditions that Americans seek treatment for today, affecting over 17 million people per year. The severity of the symptoms can vary, but generally left untreated, depression can be expected to worsen over time. As with most health conditions, if we ignore something, it does not go away but instead gets worse.

For example, think about if you got a cut on your hand. Most people might wash the wound, maybe put on an antiseptic ointment, and bandage it. A cut treated this way will likely heal and be fine in a week or so. But consider what happens if you ignore the cut, fail to wash it or bandage it, allowing dirt to get inside. Infection can set in, and in time, the longer an infected wound is ignored, the more medical attention it will need in the long run.

It is the same with our mental health- the longer we ignore our psychological wounds, the worse they get, and the more help we will need in addressing them in the long run. That’s why we encourage you to work with us at In Session Counseling- it’s important to get depression counseling right away.

​Antidepressant medication is sometimes warranted and many who suffer from depression find it helps a great deal. We are never "anti-medication" here in our practice. However, we caution people against seeking medication as an "easy way out".

First and foremost, research has proven that the combination of both medication AND therapy is the most effective at treating a wide range of mental health issues, including depression. This research finding is likely due to the fact that taking a pill simply cannot address many of the underlying reasons as to why people develop depression, which include life traumas, grief, relationship problems, and many others.

However, speaking to a skilled counselor can help you in "processing" through these and other life difficulties that are contributing directly to your depression.

Last, an antidepressant pill cannot teach you effective coping skills for managing the breakthrough symptoms that often still occur, even when someone is taking antidepressant medication. Private counseling is going to ensure that you develop the strengths and skills you need to improve your mental health in the long term.

So, if you’ve been searching for a “therapist near me”, reach out to us at In Session Counseling. We can work with you to offer individualized depression counseling and help you find greater satisfaction in your life.

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