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Relationship Counseling

A Relationship Counselor Can Help

There's a joke that says "People go to therapy to deal with the people in their lives who won't go to therapy". Funny- and somewhat accurate! Problems within a difficult relationship is one of the top reasons why people seek counseling in the first place. Some common difficult relationships include: your relationship with your significant other, a strained relationship between an adult child and a parent, difficult relationships with in-laws or your partner's family, an awful boss or coworkers- and there can be many others.

​As humans, the ability to form and maintain relationships is necessary for our very survival. Relationships with friends, family, partners, and children can be one of life's main sources of joy- and then also a source of some of the worst emotional pain imaginable when things go wrong. It’s times like this where a relationship counselor from In Session Counseling can benefit you.

​There are several things that many people who come to counseling for problems within relationships often have in common. First, people who come to counseling for help with a relationship often have a difficult time communicating their needs to others. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what your needs are and counselors can help with that, too. 

Next, people who come to counseling for help with a relationship often believe untrue and unhelpful things about relationships, especially romantic relationships. Some examples of common relationship myths include: if the relationship is "good" you will not have to work at it, there is always someone better out there, and love means always being happy with each other.

A counselor can help you explore what myths you might be holding onto that are getting in the way of experiencing a truly fulfilling relationship. People who come to counseling for help with a relationship also tend to avoid conflict in their relationships. Premarital counseling, especially, can help root out and address issues that might fester over the first years of marriage.

When a problem comes up, or your family member, partner, parent or friend does or says something that hurts or bothers you, the tendency might be to not say anything to them about it- let it go. While sometimes letting things go is the best course of action, it often is not. Over time, resentment can build on your part, which negatively affects the relationship- and the other person has no idea. A counselor can help you to learn how to be more direct with the people in your life, so that little things do not build up into big problems!

Last but not least, a common problem relationship counselors see is poor interpersonal boundaries. A person with poor boundaries will often give too much of themselves, their time, their effort and their energy- but then settle for very little or nothing from others in return. If you always feel like you are giving, giving, giving and all everyone else does is take, poor boundaries might be a problem for you.

​You do not have to continue being miserable in your relationship- In Session Counseling can help!

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